100 Club

The 100 Club was formed 10 years ago with a wide ranging mandate to help move Ashford Rugby Club forward in all aspects of its playing (senior, junior, mini and ladies) Social and Development requirements. The 100 Club has no strict rules for how money is spent and every request for assistance is considered on its own merit.

The operation of the 100 Club is very simple, members join by completing a standing order for Only £10/month, this then entitles them to be entered into the Monthly draw and the chance to WIN £100. There is no limit to how many times you can win as all members are entered into every draw (£1200 return on a £120 stake is possible!)

So, what has it done?

Over the years the 100 Club has helped to pay for a wide range of worth while goods and causes.

The 100 Club provided the flat screen television and continues to pay for the Sky plus contract that enable us all to enjoy many sporting events together. It paid out a significant amount of money to upgrade and improve the flood lighting of our pitches which are now vital to all the playing sides of the club.

The most recent significant contribution was the purchase of the soft furnishings and tables and chairs as part of the club house refurbishment. It also paid for the block paving on the new terrace. An investment of over £5,000. This follows the total refit of the gentleman’s toilets over last summer break which has made the club far more inviting for all our guests and also helps to attract more outside bookings for more formal events.

The 100 Club was responsible for installing and refitting the portacabins for use as our Physio room and the Ladies Changing room. This has given the club vital space for three home games, tournaments and festivals etc.

The 100 Club has great pleasure each year in purchasing Kent rugby kit for any player from the club who is selected to play for the county.This amounted to 3 of our U13′s last season. Well done boys!

Another key part of the 100 Club has been to support injured players who have been unable to work for a period of time due to injuries sustained on the pitch playing for Ashford Rugby Club.This commitment remains and is hugely important.

The 100 Club has helped to pay for much appreciated Coach Travel to away games for several sides throughout the club and has contributed to tour transport when needed.

There are many small but still vital pieces of equipment that have been funded through the 100 Club such as ice machine behind the bar, scrum machines for seniors and juniors, fencing for the security compound around the cellar door and storage containers, security for the outside events such as the annual ball and the much loved beer festival, the provision of mini trophies for the awards day and a Band for the junior awards day.

I am sure you will all agree that the 100 Club plays a large part in improving our club for us all.

If you would like to join this worth while club please call Mark Bowes on 07843 296645 or contact Pauline Knight or Lorraine Bowes. All of us can help you join this amazing club and you can win £100 every month!